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2021-04-07 10:28:30 (UTC)

Work is nuts sometimes! 😱

So I'm Remote into my desktop right now. Trying to squeeze in some work trying to configure some network stuff while I'm on my teams chat and a zoom session going on all at once. Good thing I got three screens. This job is not for the meek for sure. But dang it... It's taking away my Facebook time from me! hehe. Not much Zen time this morning. I have managed to get a 2nd cup of coffee though.

Heidi is also texting me trying to make me go to the Maui trip in May...Meh.. not feeling it. Only a handful of peeps going so I don't know if that clique is to my liking. After all, its the people and not just the place. I also don't have friends in Maui. My friends are all in Oahu.

Well, gotta go. Getting a tad bit too busy now.

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