Do Not Disturb

2021-04-07 11:44:24 (UTC)

He said I love you

So he ended up coming last night around 3 something. I was gonna do the immature thing and ignore his calls but I guess he read my texts and felt bad and he should've because I wanted to spend time with him on his birthday but he said this weekend and the cake is still waiting in their for him to eat still. He said that we're both gonna eat it together.

I gotta go back to my Neurologist appointment today. This morning. And get an MRI and something else they said that I can't think the name of.

C said he was gonna come and see me before he go to work later on today. We'll see. We'll see.

My general manager kept guilt tripping about me not going to work because I called out. When they didn't have the problem those other times when everyone else called out and I've never called out of work not once. I don't think. Well, then their was this one time when I was really sick but thats what when she knew I was sick at work and not feeling well because I clocked out early and went home but other than,that I've never called out of work.

And they always be tripping on how late I am and that was only twice and I told them that I would be on my way. I feel like those people don't like me or something. But I don't care if they fire me they fire me. I could get unemployment and besides im looking for another job just so I can quit this one. I'm tired of KFC. They won't let me do anything else anyways but work at the cash registered and because I don't have time for them to be yelling at me like that. One day they'll get close enough to actually push my buttons and I'm just gonna go off. I'm not just gonna sit their and not let them say anything to me. Nope. Doesnt work that way.

Anyways,C said I love you last night and I said it back. I was just waiting for the right time to say it. And by the right time I mean waiting on him to say it first. And then I said it back of coarse. I just can't leave the guy hanging. And I do actually mean it.

- A

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