Do Not Disturb

2021-04-06 22:35:52 (UTC)


So I was gonna try and get him to come over so I can sing Hapoy birthday to him but as usual he can't because he's to busy with school and such and he's going to work and I don't even know if, I'm gonna see him later on tonight when he gets off work. He started to get mad when I asked to see him saying he's doing school work or whatever he said I couldn't hear him frfr.

Then, he actually hung up in my face just because I wanted to see him and said bye so, I was like okay alright then.

I know I'm not gonna hear from him for the rest of the night because he hung up in my face.

But I thought at least we were gonna spend the day together but he said this weekend we will. I don't know what to say anymore. I keep saying if such and such relationship doesn't work out then I won't get into another rel but here I am in another relationships and I'm just about sick and tired of it at the moment.

Maybe I do really need to be single. C says all these sweet things to me and does all these nice things to me but sometimes his action shows more than, he says.

I went to the doctor today but tomorrow I'm getting an MRI scan to see whats up with my headaches because I get them almost pretty much then and something called a Lab.

I'm at the nail shop at the moment and their taking forever by nails. By the time they get done with me it'll be night time. Its already 6:23 here. I go to work tomorrow morning at 9 and I gotta be up at 7.

I hope C not busy this weekend because I was gonna go to top golf in Birmingham. Sounds fun because I've never been. Basically like mini golf. I took of for that day too.

All I know is is that I'm gonna be extra tired tomorrow morning just because I gotta get up at 7 in the morning which isn't nothing because I'll stay up until 5 if, I have to and I'm not even tired.

- A

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