London Life
2021-04-06 15:24:25 (UTC)

Crazy Golf - One Year Later

Monday 5th April (Bank Holiday)
We’d originally planned to go on a bike ride up the River Lea, or to Great Missenden, but it had got cold again, and rain was forecast (though it never came). We lay in until 12:30, listening to ‘The Now Show’ and a couple of Steve Richards’ politics podcasts, and eventually went out to try the crazy golf at Coal Drops Yard.

Last year, we noticed on 18th March that the crazy golf was still open despite the pandemic, so not having much else to do by then, next day I made an online booking but when we went down there, it was shut. I explained it to the man today, and as he said he was unable to check bookings from last year, he let us play free anyway. It was a bit annoying having to wait for whole families with children to complete each hole before us, but it was quite fun although frustrating, as I missed several easy putts. I was 7-3 ahead after the first hole but may have got over-confident, as over 9 holes, Jack beat me 40-34. I was pleased on the first hole to get the ball round the “loop the loop” at the first attempt – none of the people we saw before us, managed to do it.

We sat in Granary Square for a bit – it was actually quite sunny, (though with a bit of a chill), and I was over-dressed. Unusually we got home when it was still light and watched some “Fish” Comic Relief episodes on television as well as another of the railway architecture programmes – this one included the former London Underground HQ at 55 Broadway.