If I die today
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2021-04-06 05:39:04 (UTC)

get out here

I'm healthy as in this moment i'm alive well rested no added substances to me other than vitimains and coffee. Yesterdays run was good actually my endurance was suprising to me still I'm not there and speed isnt my talent and I'm not sure if I have a speed goal. I ran into a family yesertday on bikes a whole family kids adults they were friendly thou so event hou we were on the smae path on the smae schedule I didnt freak out it was okay and I could be calme with it. I would have preffered theem not be there but they need to enjoy the day too. Its spring break I realise now so I'm cutting back y chores to 30min so I can get out a smidge early to avoid people and groups at the park but Im not likely running tomorw I saw winds about 10mph in the forecast and my love is working in the other complex of apartments wendsaday and thursday so he will be about 5miles away and so well not readly available if I have a creeper issue on my way eitheer. Anyhow so this one attoreny rejected my case now for thee divorce they gave me no exsplaition thee receptionist called yesterday and said he's reffereing me to /NWJP which does me no good for a divacre they are for "equal Justice" so for my husband would have to have am attorney before they would take on me. yeah doesnt meet the need. IDK if its bc I mentationed a price of 1500 in my inquiry and reminded them of me and that I'm no longer with morrior minstries maybe he just thought I was a waste of time. Maybe I"m blacklisted.. or theres some conflict of interest which I think its possible that particualr attorney was mormon if I recall correctly. anyway I got the screw you. So Put in another inquiry that will cost me 50 for a consult and I dont have a quote until I do the consult and I cant rember the price I was quoted in June dammit. IDk I feel like such a spaz. I dont know I'm wondering if the prices are all goong to be raised its kinda discouraging I'm surpised thou that I didnt get all indignent at the first rejection. I"m not sure if this 50dollar fee is just bc I had a free consult or its standard I did not make the appoint taking heed to nDea's advice. Ok the scoop on love the bike is up and working but we have not used it together he fixed it yesterday after a loong workday as in long workwise hour wise he was here on my couch at 3p so he didnt work a second extra. His daughter is upset she didnt get approved for a larger loan I gueess by text him to me it sounded like sh'e not going to find a house with the amount that is approved. so drama we will see. IDK I think maybe he does just need to leave weather we get a place together or he rents something tempory. Anyhow so I'm thinking of vitimain D deffincy's and when the suns out I should defintly llow more running time on nive days and I should do it find a way to get the sun in even if I sit out there its not like I'm the life of the party floating around my apartment goofin off all day. I mean I can still get outside time and have indor things done and probaly a little healtheir for me to get out more. Today im hoping to make steak for lunch and use a frozen veggie likely green beans. I have no real ambitions if i die today meh this are what they are

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