Living Without Lighting
2021-04-06 08:35:59 (UTC)

Jay's Ranch

Today was a magnificent day. Rather than cathartically rotting away at my computer, I accompanied my friend Jay on a trip to the ranch owned by his grandparents. It lies far up in the hills, tucked away from the bustling metropolis and protected by mountains of chaparral and oak woodlands. Of course, I couldn't pass up such a scenic opportunity for drone practice, and I came well equipped with a charged set of batteries and the remainder of my ND filters. My goodness, it was exhilarating! Completely unrestricted flight, I was able to soar across vast valleys and to far away plateaus without a single worry as to whether or not I was bothering anyone. Just looking through my drone footage however, I'm not sure if it does justice to how beautiful the landscape is in person. His grandma lives in a quaint cottage that overlooks the scenic landscape, and despite the seclusion she's got full access to television and internet. If I had the money and the opportunity that's how I'd like to live. No petty people drama, just me, my land and my responsibilities. The only thing however is that I guess her ranch is rather infested with snakes, and she had to kill over thirty last year. That, I could pass up on.

Other from that, Jay and I finished our day by grabbing pizza and eating at his house. I bombed my chemistry quiz, but I wouldn't have to worry about thermodynamics if I lived on a large swathe on land like his grandmother does. Implying that housing opportunities aren't replaced with apartment living by the time I'm in my forties, that could very well be a goal of mine.

Until next time...