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2021-04-05 23:07:27 (UTC)

Truck keeps getting compliments 😊

I swear, my truck will get laid before I will. I keep getting compliments on it. Even during my Covid shots, three workers there hung around to look at my truck and talk to me. Today was the same thing at the gym. Of course I like it. I spent enough money on it so any compliments I get I will take. Makes me feel a small sense of stupid justification for spending all that money in the first place. My friend at gym (sorta friend. He's the jealous butthole that makes some mean comments sometimes.) asked if I wash my truck daily and if I dust it daily too. I think he was being a butthole again but I told him nope. Just once a week.

The Indian lady gave me a plate of food again. I asked if her religion no-meat diet was over and she told me yup. So I had dinner tonight care of my gym friend. I returned her other tupperware but filled it with the Hawaiian shoyu chicken I made the night before. Gym was tough. It was EMOM today. Every minute on the minute. You are mandated to complete a certain number of moves. If you finish, th rest of the minute is your rest period. It was tough. Struggled on the trx skull crushers. Then the bikes. 10 calories need to be registered within the minute. The burn was intense. I was teamed up with Indian lady, the lady that gave me her phone number and this other dude that's kinda new but cool. Telephone lady (don't know what to call her) was making small talk with me but meh... not playing that game. I have to admit though, her butt does look good in yoga/workout pants. If I get horny enough, I guess I'll eventually reciprocate conversing with her. We shall see. haha. Funny thing. Being alone isn't being lonely. Or...maybe I have good alcohol? hehe.

So it was a drama free Monday. Just the way I like it :) I'm home. It's quiet. My house is as clean or dirty from how I left it so yeah... all good :)

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