Do Not Disturb

2021-04-05 22:02:38 (UTC)

Surprise Suprise

My stimulus finally came in the mail today and I was just about to call the IRS to see what was taking so long with my stimulus money and of course I have to help my mother with things like I always do.

I mean I don't mind helping my mother sometimes but other times I also want to have money and save money for myself and not spend it all in one day kind of thing. And I also just wanna say NO. But it be hard for me sometimes. Idk. Maybe its a family thing. But I also can't let family bribe me out of all my money where I can't have any for myself to spend on and/ or save.

I was gonna get this oreo icecream cake that I also saw in Publix but I put it back even though I Iove everything Oreo it was a very hard decision to make. I just decided to go with Tostitos and dip. Lightly salted.

I tried firehouse sub for the first time today. Both me and my mother. We had Philly steak and my mother had turkey and it was so good. I also tried their new cherry lime drink that taste exactly one kool-aid. Maybe it is kool- aid.

C birthday is tomorrow and I bought him a cake and a card from Publix. Not to much and I might take him out to eat tomorrow since I'm off. He's turning 22. He said he wants to spend the day with me at work and plus I know for a fact he has to work tomorrow night but its all good. I'll even sing him Happy birthday at 7 in the morning I know he'll be sleepy and tired. I don't know if, I'll wake up myself. He's done a lot for me and I wanna do something for him maybe even more than, a cake and a card but it'll do for now to appreciate his love for me.

We haven't said I love you to each other yet because we just started dating and I don't wanna rush things. Like they say, the right time will come when the right time will come. But.... When is it the right time to tell the person you love them ???? 🤔🤔🤔

- A

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