La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
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2021-04-06 01:23:05 (UTC)

Tired of so much BS.

Life seems unfair at times, and then you have the social media to remind you always of how much you still have to overcome. I am seriously thinking of closing down my accounts.
And then I ask myself, ¿how long would I be able to go uncomunicated with the outside world?
I long for something real, not just the illusion of the virtual reality. I need to disconect and reconect with myself. But where do I start. How do I get rid of all these things that way on me and keep me from truly moving in a direction my heart desires. Where do I begin? How do I trough away all that I've built up to now? I heard some one say the other day if you can't be found in google your non existent? I mean common people!! Have we gone so astraigh from the true meaning of being human and alive that we belive this. It gets crazier and crazier if u ask me. Am done with all of this nonsense. I will reground myself redirect my self to what's truly important and let go of everything else I can't control. I will enjoy my alone time and breath while there is still air in my lungs. Ta ta.

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