Being Sam
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2021-04-05 17:41:26 (UTC)

Oh god, I'm a crazy dog mum

New lows have been reached this weekend people! NEW LOWS! lol

I've felt a little wishy washy all weekend since dropping the kids at their Nana's house for 2 weeks so yesterday afternoon I thought I'd do the whole nice candle bath with a book thing, try to appreciate the free time by doing something I can't do in the afternoon when the kids are home. I'm I'm the bath not 10 minutes when Wendo comes to the bathroom door crying and eventually pushed her way in. She was being utterly adorable and jumping up at the side of the bath and I thought, maybe she wants to swim. Now I KNOW! Hahaha this is where I now realise that I crossed into that crazy category of people who call themselves "dog mums" and are WAY too close to their dogs. I hate those people, I do. But I picked my puppy up and held her belly while she paddled like a champ, loving life with me in the bath for around 15 minutes before Dean came upstairs and caught me. I was 100% having a bath with my dog.

What the actual hell has happened to me?! Hahaha
When she finished swimming (which Dean also thought was super cute, by the way) she climbed up my chest and leaned over to stick her nose in my cup of tea and have a bit. And it was at that point that I looked at Dean and we had one of those freaky silent chats where we basically said but didn't say that this was utterly ridiculous.
I'm only 30 years old and I'm sharing baths with my dog and letting her drink my tea. And it's good tea too! I drove all the way to Marks and Spencer for the fancy tea bags because that's another thing that's happened since turning 30! I am a tea snob.

Honestly I don't even recognise myself some times and I find it so crazy how much you can change as a person as you grow up while also feeling like exactly the same person you've always been at the same time.

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