If I die today
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2021-04-05 07:24:10 (UTC)

wine about easter

Moms on my mind. Maybe triggered by stretching I was doing classical stretch connteective tissue stretching. I'm failry certain for mothers day I would like to get my mom the agin backwards dvd;s or maybe they are better do for another accasion? Its gonna cost me a pretty penny but to me I think its a perfect gift to encourage her and promote health and hope althou I'm a terrible gift giver who knows if she will like it. I'm trying ot straighten out the budget and hire an attorney before I start worksing on buy May gifts. The attorney is so I can get divorced. Ok so anyhow been awake since slightly after 5 I took melation at a few minutes after 8 so I'm on the weird shit now I cant call it cheap but into my reserves of 3mg cheweable/dissoveable. IDK I think this brand is kinda evil. I was scared before sleep but it knocked me out by 9 I want to say but just the amount of fear. I cant recall any dreams right now. I had a box of wine (it was equal to 3 glasses ) mixed with 1 maragita buzz ball yesterday. I did dump the last maybe 1/4 cup of wine out bc I knew I was done and I'm trying not to do this IDK what my problem is other than I'm just a fool REally there was no need I nver actually got the easter blues or bitterness I did get a few generic He is Risen text but I blew them off. I ought pizza for lunch and split it with fClif the nieghtnor pizza and garlic knots. It got ehre in less than 25 min so they guy got the 3.50 I paid plus and extra 5 for a tip just bc well I like to pay big for people who work sundays and holidays bc I think its all bullsh!t these pagan traditions althou well here I am hypocritcial. On the way to circle k yesterday before I could get to the highway I already got stopped well drawn attention too twice both by men with cars.. ugh barf. Then I crossed the highway pretty much okay only once I felt like I almost got squashed by this undecives driveer who was in the turn lane so I scrabbled across and the idiot switched into the straight lane which is in the direction I was going and had to pass to get to the otther side that freakin monkey shoulda been headed the other direction the road was clear till I crossed and they freakin changed thier mind. I was in Circle 10min bc well I'm me IDK what I'm doing and I came out the flood gates opened the univerese just let out everybod with a vechile was up n alive so I had to go up to the light and try to croos at the crooss walk when nDea called and he was ready to get his car so he said meet him at Roasters so I made it to roaster at the turn around on the road and we walked back together.. NOONE offered me a ride then ha. And I usually get scared on the way back over the bridge bothers me more so than walking over it there well IDK I didnt get scared or stop on the way back I just kept going. Anyhow he had to take an afternnon nap back home and then he felt better so us and his dog went to Walmart to get stuff for the bike and then him and to dog visisted. I gotta wrap this up I out myself on a 10/15 min schedule of chores then breaks till 10am when I clean the kitchen. my 15min rest is up now . I gotta get back on it. I had my beets for breakfast, usual vitimains about normal diet. Im on the last fresh banna so tommorw itll all be processed food but olny till Friday at the latest. I pooped a little but Im on the consitpated side. Well I'm gonna knock out some chores real quick and try to do better things with my life.