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2021-04-05 02:45:42 (UTC)

Memories of walking home from work 😱

I read a post here about someone catching the bus or needing a ride after work. It reminded me of some not so fun memories of my past. This was when I lived in Hawaii on the island of Oahu. I was barely able to pay rent and survive at the time. I was one of the managers of a fast food restaurant and although it was a fun job and I learned a lot, it didn't pay all the well. Anyway, when my car would break down, that'd be like a death blow for me. No way did I have the money to pay for repairs and my parents? Pffft, it was a joke if I even asked for help. I was on my own at an early age so I had zero help from my family. Need cash? Low on funds? Car need repairs? Something broke and you need help? Need to go to the hospital? Tough. You starve, you deal with the sickness, you get late fees on your one Sears credit card, and you don't drive to work but catch the bus instead. No other options.

Well, the inevitable happened one day and my car broke down. Didn't have money to fix it so...the city bus it was. Of course, that meant I had to be on the bus 2 hrs before my shift started because the bus stopped every few blocks and it would come every 1/2 hr. I didn't mind but when I had to close, then that would be tragic. We closed at 11PM. I had to be out by 12 because the last bus was at 12:10AM. Miss that and I walk home. So I had to prep to make sure the next days' deposit was prepped, ending inventory for products so they knew how much to order in the morning, store cleaned, made sure the crew did their part so that restaurant could open in the morning. So many things to cover and at times, we didn't get out of there by midnight. That's when I started walking home. I'd get home at around 2:30AM.

Sometimes, my girlfriend would come by before closing to be with me. Sometimes we'd make it on the last bus and we'd be together that night and it was wonderful. She'd catch the bus in the morning to go home because she still lived with her Mom at the time. She was maybe 18 or 19 maybe and she'd give her paychecks to her Mom to help with the house. That's fine. So she couldn't move in with me and that made it harder because it was all on me financially. Anyway, she'd be there before closing and when we didn't make that last bus home, she'd walk home with me too. Man oh man. She sure was so supportive and must've really loved me to do that. I wish I could tell her how much I remember what she did for us and how much I still appreciate it even to this day. Her name was Kappy. Short for Kapiolani. She was 1/4 Hawaiian, 1/4 Japanese, and 1/2 Korean I think? Dunno, I never really asked because I never really cared about the other person's race and we were together for about 2 1/2 years.

Yeah..those were the years I was really struggling financially. So now? Life is different. Now I always own two vehicles. I know my not so pleasant past had a lot to do with it. No transportation really sucks. I even had a motorcycle all these years so I had three rides for a long time. No more walking home from work is all I know :) I know I spend money on stupid things and I buy way too many things I may not need. But I do recall being so poor growing up. You know, I never had a birthday cake till Kappy gave me one. You know how old I was? 18 or 19. That was my first birthday cake from someone giving me one.

Christmas presents growing up? Again, a handful that I could count with my fingers. I'm talking about till I was 18 years old. So not until I had friends as an adult did I get a lot of presents. Birthday presents? Pfft, it's on Dec 15th so that was even more rare growing up as a kid and being close to Christmas? It was Happy birthday and Merry Christmas as an all in one. And that's a card. No cash in it. Just a card. Ok, so it had an effect on me now. No haters but when I get a card, if no money is in it? I laugh and chuck it in the trash. No judging please. Except for if the kiddos send me one. Then that's different. I keep those.

Maybe someone will understand why I do what I do. I buy what I want when I want to. I spend things for me when maybe I shouldn't. I have two vehicles when it's so stupid to have two because it's not like you can drive two vehicles at once. I know. I know. When you go through what I went through, then come talk to me. All I knew was I wasn't going to be a wiz kid at for the stock market. I was never going to be able to get an educations high enough to be a Dr. or something like that. I knew I needed an education so that I could take care of myself and I think I did. I now make a 6 figure salary, probably wasting it on things I don't need to but I give myself this because of the hard times I had on my younger days.

That's why my next truck mod is to upgrade the differentials and go with a 4.88 regear. It'll improve the accelaration so the get up and go should be kicking butt after that. Just a measly $3,100 to do. Yipes!!! Yeah... no more of those lonely long nights walking home from work with and without my girlfriend. That's never gonna happen ever again.

I made another delicious meal with my cast iron skillet. Hawaiin shoyu bbq chicken. Yumm.

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