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2021-04-04 21:12:00 (UTC)



Sorry it’s been a while I’ve been busy over spring break. Happy Easter by the way to anyone stupid enough to actually read my diary. I hope you get smarter TUT. Speaking of Easter we dyed eggs at my cousins yesterday and I learned something cool. As soon as we got there my cousin (Emma) gave me this necklace. It was a little corked jar with some gems, salt, and rosemary in it sealed with pink wax. She said it was a spell jar and it was for positive energy or whatever. I thought it was cool so I googled "spell jar" and found out that it's a modern type of witchcraft. After further research, I figured out how to make and use spell jars as well as how to make another type of spell called a sigil. I thought about making one but I decided that if I was going to try any sort of witchcraft I should do my research. After even more research about how to properly word your intentions, feel about your intentions, draw the symbol, activate the sigil, and deactivate the sigil I decided to cast the spell. I didn't do anything risky or juristic, all I wrote was "I want a healthy garden with variety". I triple-checked the rules and cast the spell. I'll have to see if it works over the summer when I plant my garden. I hope it works! While I was doing my research I realized that being a witch seemed actually really helpful and beneficial to everyday life so I've decided I'm going to try it. I'm just saying this isn't one of those stupid decisions I made on the spot, I've been thinking about seeing if it's for me for a while now but I just never got to it until now with Emma giving me a little kick start. Before I cast any more spells I'm making sure to do LOADS of research. I LOVE RESEARCH. It's a gift from the heavens honestly, my ability to not get bored while researching. I have about 25 topics to research including the history of witches, different types of witchcraft, crystals, herbs, incense, candles, colors and what they mean, familiars, sigils, astrology, altars, spells, and all that jazz just to name a few. I'm thinking of possibly sharing my research with Emma because along with the spell jar she gave me, her mom was talking about how she got crystals for Easter and I know Emma uses incense so she's definitely some type of witch. But she isn't the type of person to research it before doing it in my opinion so maybe I could lay it all out for her just to be nice. I think she's only doing it for aesthetic purposes to be honest which is fine but it still helps to be educated on this sort of thing if you're using it. let me know if anyone reading this wants to see my notes because I'd be more than happy to share so that all my research doesn't just benefit me. There are mannnnnnnnnnny types of witchcraft out there and honestly, I don't know what to call myself yet but I do know that I am not a Wicca. A Wicca is someone of the Wiccan religion. The Wiccan religion (aka pagan witchcraft) is an occult type of religion that focuses on nature and ancestors. This is all based on a google search by the way but it's apparently derived from pre-Christian times. Yep... I also don't worship gods and deities (although that is something I still need to research). I simply want to focus and attract energy and willpower into spells that I'd use to benefit myself, my family, and my friends. One last time before I go I would like to remind you that I've been thinking about this for a long time and now that I've finally dipped my toes in a bit I'm writing detailed step by step instructions/summary for myself on every topic before trying the simplest versions with zero risk involved. I'm just testing to see if this is for me and if not I'll leave it alone. (Id just like to point out that my summaries aren't just steps but also detailed descriptions including different ways to perform it, how you should feel, what mindset you should be in, who you should perform the spells for, what not to do, specifics on colors, sounds, words/wording, EVERYTHING you could possibly need to know. I'm not kidding you I know what I'm doing and if I don't, I'll do all the research plus some just to make sure I'm doing it correctly). Thanks for reading this, see ya next time, Happy easter!