Do Not Disturb

2021-04-03 21:54:38 (UTC)

Long Days Ahead

This morning I was very late to work. Not an hour late but like 30 minutes because I got the time wrong. I was supose to work 9-3 instead of 10-3 but I work 10-3 tomorrow and I still got off early today at work at 3. But not on the dot though we had a long line because unfortunately the people next to us Taco bell is closed down and been closed for two weeks because some people got coorona. I'm praying for them.

I'm still keeping safe at work. I'm not wearing the same KFC mask that they got me and if I do I wash them every day and plus I have other different mask that I bought.

I also bought the book off of Amazon like I said I was gonna do and its arriving Thursday. They changed it to Wednesday now.

My 1400 still hasn't arrived in the mail and I don't know what's the issue. It said to be mailed out on Marchh 26 and now its April 03 and its still not here. Something up. I was suppose to get it mailed out to me since I'm with Turbo Tax.

I don't know what its taking so long for my check to come when it said to be mailed out May 26. Maybe its the address. But I have the correct address so maybe its delayed.


1400 me please.

- A

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