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me and my life
2021-04-04 20:06:23 (UTC)

Still same

It's been a year now and things are still same.
No job
No money
Corona situation
No love life
And fucked up life..
I don't know when things will be on place. When everything will be fine. It's been many a times that i felt everything will be fine but still same...
I am trying hard to find a job, but nothing in hand. I am so upset over this. Groom search is just not going well.
I have met someone but nothing is serious it's just tp, but I like talking to that guy.
Well, now I don't miss monku, like I use to. He came in my dream and it felt so real. His face his voice his body language everything but even in dream I was normal I felt nothing..
I have definitely gotten over hi. But I do miss him sometimes.
I really need to work out as am gaining a lot weight. Am bored as fuck in life...
When things will get sorted 😟