Living Without Lighting
2021-04-04 09:09:43 (UTC)

Return of the Flying Monkey

While out at dinner with a friend, I scrolled through snapchat only to see a post that made me cringe. It was from Tico, the cousin of my former best-friend and now lifetime enemy Newt. He had created a private story only for me to see, and it consisted of a half-assed joke that would've been funny if it weren't for the torment that they'd put me through these past four years.

To put things into context, Newt and I had become best friends in freshman year of high school. We both came from rough family situations, and in a way we kind of became brothers as a result, doing everything together as two peas in a pod. Throughout the years this friendship became even stronger, to the point where I had developed romantic feelings towards him. After that, Newt was still my "best friend" but the way he treated me became convolutedly darker. With his accomplice Tico, they partook in all sorts of degenerate pranks, from burning my shorts while I was wearing them to sticking a fleshlight in my face while I was sleeping. These incidents always took place while I was high, as they were simply too chicken-shit to pull it off while I was sober. Even still, I was convinced that I was Newt's best friend, and it was me who broke that trust by showing my "other feelings" to him. In perspective of today, it was merely teenage hormones that I felt on my behalf, as I had no sexual attraction towards him nor do I for any men. Even still, it was an awkward phase and I believe it holds a key role in our broken dynamic.

Finally, my turning point against Newt took place on my 21st birthday party, when after an already uncomfortable day he spent his visit making me feel like shit. I had gone all out for his twenty-first, I wrote him a thoughtful card and got him a very nice pair of earbuds. Meanwhile, his "present" to me was a bag of candy and a beer, and I guess he was too lazy to write any sort of birthday wishes. In addition, after we got high in his car he spent the next thirty minutes trashtalking about my friend Jay, another long time friend of mine who would come over later that night. Being as stoned as I was, I only apologized, although I know for certain my sober self wouldn't have had it. To make things even worse, he had to triangulate Tico into the whole ordeal, and spent a good half of my "party" talking to him over a skype call instead of me. The morning after, I realized that as a 21 year-old things had to change, and as a result I deleted Newt's snapchat. Now he uses Tico as a means to contact me, however he must be stupid if he thinks I'm falling for it this time. Just like his past attempts to reel me in, this message will be ignored as well.

Until next time...