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2021-04-03 15:55:41 (UTC)

Sweet Home Alabama (3,276 wds)

Sweet Home Alabama
D’Arc Tangent

Elise stepped into the shower. The hot water spraying her body, and soaking her long, straight, black hair, the strands clinging to her firm breasts. She gathered her hair in her hands and moved it over her shoulder. Lathering up her hands, she spread the soap over her body, starting at her nicely rounded C-Cup breasts, circling the areola, then down her cleavage to her belly.

She cupped her belly with both hands, frowning to think she had put on a few pounds, even though her stomach was still quite flat. Then moved her hands down between her legs, and as her wet, lubricated fingers touched the tender spot, she gasped.

How she had often in the past week wanted him to touch her. Elise closed her eyes, and she could feel his strong arms wrapped around her body, holding her close to his strong, firm chest.

“Show me what you need.” she could hear him say, as she guided his hands between her legs. She laid her head against his chest as he drove his fingers into her.

Elise could feel the tenderness of his lips on her neck, and his free hand pinching her nipples, pulling them, and her heart pounded in her chest. She could not bear the sensations any longer and she turned in the shower to kiss him, but she was alone.

Saddened that she was alone, she finished her shower, and dressed. Plain cotton briefs, and a white lace bra, surely not her sexiest garments, but then who was going to see them. A white turtleneck sweater and a pair of black jeans, and she was ready to leave.

Elise hopped into her white Hyundai Elantra and drove to Lily’s house. As she pulled up to her friend’s place, Lily was just locking her front door. She moved down the stairs, the warm summer wind blowing her floral-patterned dress around her legs as she opened the door to the car.

“Punctual, as always.” Lily said, as she slid into the seat next to Elise.

“On time is late.” I always say.

Once Lily was buckled into the seat next to Elise, the two women drove off on their weekly shopping trip.

“How are your investments going today, Elise?” Lily asked.

“Gold is steady, but I made three grand in bitcoin.” Elise said

“So, you are buying lunch?” Lily laughed.

The two women drove to East Plaza to do some shopping. A few hours later, with a stop by the food court for a recharge, the two women left, laden with the spoils of their trip, and headed back to Elise’s place, stopping at Baumhower’s for some take out.

Once home, Lily crashed on the sofa, surrounded by their bags of clothes, as Elise brought out plates to serve dinner. As Elise portioned out their dinner, Lily opened a bottle of wine, and grabbed two glasses from the cupboard, and the two sat in the dining room.

After dinner, Elise and Lily sat on the sofa, and Lily reached into one of Elises bags and said, “Explain this.” as she pulled out a lacey body suit.

“I liked it.” Elise shot back rather quickly.

“Hmm, mmm.” Lily said, as Elise snatched it from her hands

“Can’t a woman buy something on impulse?”

“Most women, can,” Lily said, “You always have a reason, like maybe a certain on-line gentleman you may have been chatting with?”

“Just what are you implying Lily?” Elise said.

Oh, I don’t know. Maybe later tonight, you and him might get together, and maybe you might want to show him what you bought, and, well, that,” she said, pointing to the flimsy lace in Elise’s hands, “would be an excellent item to model for him.

“I am not about to do a fashion show for someone on-line.” Elise said. If I was going to show anyone anything, they would have to be here.” then she stood up and walked to the door as she said, “In fact, unless he is standing outside right now,” and as she said that she opened the door Lily’s mouth dropped open.

“What?” Elise said, as Lily sat on the sofa, gaping, as she pointed to the door, and Elise turned to look outside.

“Fuck me!” Elise said, as the man she had been chatting with this past month was standing there, all blonde hair and quirky smile, as he said, “Could I at least come in first?”

“Sean!” Elise said, the turning to Lily, she silently mouth, “What?” and Lily just shrugged her shoulders.

“So?” Sean said as he stood in her doorway.”

“Oh, right, yes, come in, come in, when did you get here?” she started to babble.

Elise stepped out of the way, allowing Sean to enter the room, and as he did, he nodded in Lily’s direction, “Lily?”

“Yes,” Lily said as she rose, and put her hand out to shake his, and Sean replied in kind.

“Nice to meet you.” then releasing Lily’s hand he turned back to Elise, “Sorry baby.” he said, “I was coming for a business trip in Mobile, and thought, why not surprise you.” then he leaned forward and kissed Elise on the cheek, “I hope this is not a bad time?”

“Oh no, this is an excellent time,” Lily said, “I think Elise has something to show you.”

Elise made a slashing motion across her throat, signalling Lily to shut up.

Sean turned to Elise and said, “You do?”

“Lily is just kidding; I don’t have anything … wine! Would you like a glass of wine? Lily and I were just having a drink, would you like to join us?” And without waiting for a response, Elise vanished into the kitchen to get a glass, and the wine, as Sean sat on the sofa next to Lily.

“You and Elise were out shopping?” Sean asked Lily as Elise walked in carrying the glass, and the bottle.

“More wine Lily?” Elise asked, as she sat between the two of them, suddenly aware that her legs were touching Sean’s, but if she was to move away, she would be touching Lily, so Elise just poured the wine, and handed a glass to Sean, then topped off Lily’s glass, and her own, then lifting her glass, an action mimicked by the other two, she said, “To new friends.” and the three of them clinked glasses together.

“To friends.” the other two replied, as they all clinked together.

Lily put her glass down, and said, “After such a long trip, I think you need a little treat.” and she rose from the sofa, grabbed her bags, and made her way to Elise’s bedroom.

Sean looked at Elise, who just shrugged her shoulders, and about five minutes later, Lily came out of the room, wearing a striking blue dress. Not a formal gown, more business formal, but she did look striking.

“I spent all this money on a nice wardrobe, I think I deserve to show it off.” she said.

Sean looked at Elise, again, who, again just shrugged her shoulders.

“Very nice Lily, you should look very nice at the office Monday.”

“Well thank you Sean.” Lily said, then turning to Elise, “How about you?”

I already told you I liked it in the story.” Elise said.

“That is not what I meant.” Lily replied, “Show him the goods.” she taunted.

“I am not showing him the goods.” Elise said, then turning to Sean, “I mean, there is really nothing to see. Honestly, just a few boring outfits.”

“What about that nice blouse and skirt?” Lily goaded.

“Yeah, what about the blouse and skirt?” Sean added.

“O.K.” Lily conceded, “Blouse and skirt.” and she picked up her bags and went into the bedroom.

“You are going to love this.” Lily said as she sat next to Sean, a little closer than she needed to, as she picked her glass up, and twisted to see over the sofa.

The door opened, and Elise walked out in an off-white, ruffled sleeve shirt that ended below her breasts and left her midriff exposed before ending in a knee length khaki cotton skirt.

“Give us a spin.” Lily called out, and Elise spun around, her skirt bellowing a little, and exposing her bare back.

“Come back here.” Lily called, “My turn.” and with that she went back into the room as Elise sat next to Sean.

“Do you like it?” She said as She picked up her glass of wine.

” It is beautiful.” Sean said, “I can’t wait to see what else you bought.” and he lifted his eyebrows as he sipped on his wine.

Lily emerged from the room in a pair of skin tight faded denim jeans, two slashed across the upper thigh on both legs, and a t-shirt that had to be one size too small for her, but accentuated the fact that her breasts were at least one cup larger than Elise’s, and she was considerably larger around the chest, also accented by the fact the suspenders she was wearing curved around her breasts most seductively.

Sean stared at Lily, unblinking. Just stared, not saying a word, as there was nothing he could say.

Elise stood up, and shot her friend a cold look before spitting out between her teeth, “My turn.”

Lily sat next to Sean, and wiggled her chest, asking, “So? Do you like?”

“Obviously not intended for the office.” Sean said, avoiding the double entendre.

“No, this is all for me.” She said, “Sometimes a woman has to remind people that she is a woman.” when the bedroom door opened.

Elise stepped out wearing a satin robe, bright red, tied with a matching belt around her waist.

“You commented last month that I only wore one-piece swimsuits, so …: and as she said this, Elise pulled open the robe, and let it float to the floor, exposing a matching bright red bathing suit, consisting of a top half that had the appearance of a single piece of cloth that moved from her back, across her breasts, and tied at the back of her neck, revealing a lovely amount of cleavage.

The bottom half, looked like nothing more than a thong bottom, revealing to everyone that she maintained a clean, close shave.

With a haughty air about her, Elise strode to the sofa, as Lily got up and stalked toward the room. As soon as the door closed, which Sean felts sounded almost like a slam, Elise said, “Do you like the bathing suit?”

Sean just looked at her, once again struck dumb by the image before him hen Elise lifted his chin to look into his eyes as she said, “My eyes are up here.”

“Sorry, but yeah. Fuck you look hot in that. I mean, I never had an issue with the one-piece, but … fuck, I never expected anything like THIS. You look amazing.”

Elise averted her gaze from Sean as she said, “Thank You.”

The door flung open, and Lily exited the bedroom in a shimmering green strapless dress. This, unlike the blue dress, was a formal gown. This was not formal office attire, but something to wear to a gala event. “Do you like it?” she asked, and Sean smiled and said it was very lovely.

“You see, the problem with a dress like this.” Lily started, as she reached behind her back, “Is the traditional strapped bra, won’t work, so you need to get one of these.” and she slipped the zipper at the back down, and the dress fell to floor, leaving Lily in a strapless bra, thing panties, and a garter belt and hose.

“This, is formal attire.” she said, then she strode over to the sofa as Elise and Sean just gazed at her.

Elise snubbed her friend, as she, too, stepped back into the bedroom, but as she did, she picked up the gown and tossed it to Lily. “You forgot something.” she said, and her voice was ice.

Lily sat on the sofa next to Sean, spread her arms over the back of the sofa, and allowed her legs to part, making sure Sean got a very good look at what she had to offer.

“Something tells me you are in for a treat.” she told Sean, “Elise is not going to let this go unanswered.”

“Let what go?’ Sean asked, confused by the sudden change in dynamics of the situation.

“I threw down the gauntlet.” Lily said, her pale white breasts heaved with her breathing, and the bright pink areola was visible through the fabric of her bra, and her nipples were erect with desire.

When the door finally opened, Elise stood there in the sheer white lace teddy that Lily had held up earlier. Black ribbon trimmed the edges, and little black satin bows adorned the shoulder straps, otherwise the entire outfit was see-thru. Sean could see that she was indeed shaven, and her dark brown areolas were visible as well as the pebbled nipples. Her coco-coloured skin was visible through the thin white lacey fabric as she walked to the back of the sofa, and bent forward and said, “So, better?” but before Sean could respond, she took his face in her hands and kissed him, long and hard.

When Elise pulled away, Sean was breathless from the passion. His body was having a definite reaction to the kiss, that he could not adjust at the moment, when Lily took his face in her hands and kissed him as well, taking his hands and placing them on her ample breasts. Sean kissed her back hard, as he fondled her breasts through the fabric of her bra when Elise pushed them apart and said, “We settle this now.” and motioned for Sean to follow her as she walked to the bedroom, with Lily following behind.

Once all three were in the bedroom, and Lily shut the door behind them, Elise said, “Strip.”

“Excuse me?” Sean said.

“You are way over dressed for this party, take them off. All off. Now.”

Sean buttonized his shirt, slipping off his shoulders and tossing it to the floor. Next, he undid his belt, but did not pull it out of the hoops, instead he undid the button, and slipped down the zipper so that his pants fell from the force of gravity acting on the heavy denim.

“Commando. Me likey.” Lily said, as Elise shot her a look. Once Sean was naked, Elise said, “Get on the bed, now.” and he obliged.

“I go first.” Elise said, and she straddled the very erect manhood, and slid it into her moist and wanting vagina. She gasped as it stretched her open, and winced as the sheer size of it filled her, Then Elise started to rock her body, up and down, forward and backward, as she worked his cock.

Watching Elise work this man, she climbed onto the bed and straddled Sean’s head, lowering her pussy to his mouth until she felt his tongue enter her. Licking from her clit to her vagina, and spreading her open with his fingers, Lily gasped as he ate her out.

Elise was pounding herself onto his massive cock, her body sweating, her heart pounding, and she leaned forward to brace herself on Lily, who, as well, was experiencing orgasm, and she, too, leaned forward to embrace Elise. As the two women embraced, their breasts touching, their bodied writing, they kissed. Hot. Passionate. They took each other in, tasting each other as they rode the wave of orgasm flowing through themselves and into each other. Almost in unison, Sean came into Elise. Elise orgasmed, as Lily released her desire into Sean’s wanting mouth.

Their bodies spent, the two women rolled onto their backs, each on one side of Sean, and the three of them clutched each other, their flesh stuck together by sweat and lust, taking int eh quiet of the room, until finally Lily propped herself on her wrist, and looked at the two people next to her and said, “My turn.”

Sean looked down between his legs and then into Lily’s eyes and said, “Convince me.”

Lily slid down the bed, and took Sean’s cock in her mouth, tasting her friend still on him, and stroked him until again he was stiff and engorged.

“Better?” She said, looking up into his eyes, his erect cock still in her hands, and he just groaned out, “Fuck yeah.”

Lily leaned forward, her breasts dangling in front of Sean’s mouth, swaying back and forth, and she teased her cunt with his tip. Rubbing her slit, feeling the member twitch each time she did as Sean moved one of her ample breasts into his mouth. Her nipples were hard and pink and he pinched them a little as Lily gasped. Finally, she was lubricated enough to thrust his manhood into her, and the gurgle of delight escaping her throat told him he was in all the way. As Lily moved up and down over his cock, Elise took her position over Sean’s face, spreading her lower lips to him, He started to finger thrust her. Driving two fingers into her slick cave, his thumb pressing her clit until she gasped, the he thrust his tongue into her, and as before, as each woman was reaching climax, they embraced each other. They fondled each other’s breasts, kissed each other, letting their desires welling up inside them to be released not just through Sean, but through each other so that they were all one entity, seeking pleasure from each other. Until finally, as before, they all managed to climax at the same time.

Once more spent, the three curled up on the bed, not even caring about the wetness coating them, the sheets, everything. Sean lay on his back, and the two women snuggled next to him on either side, and all three fell into a deep and satisfying sleep.

Morning broke in Montgomery. It was a cool summer morning, and the birds were singing outside as Elise stretched the evenings weariness from her body, and was suddenly aware she was not alone. There was a man in her bed. There had not been a man in her bed in a decade, and yet here he was. Thoughts started to form in her head. Thoughts turned into memories, and as she looked down at the decidedly masculine body that lay beside her, she was suddenly shocked by the name on her lips. “Sean!”, then as memory returned, she smiled, and said softly, “Sean.” Then, as she looked at Sean’s body, she saw a pale white arm that covered his body in a way his arm could not, when she suddenly realized, “Lily!” then seeing her friend’s naked body lying next to her lover, she pieced all the fragments of her memory, the dinner. The wine. The combat fashion show, and finally, the love-making. The sex. The kissing. Her and Sean. Lily and Sean. Lily and … Oh My God. They had a threesome!

Propping herself on her elbow, she looked at the two bodies before her, and smiled.

She had a threesome, and it was fucking awesome. She never ever, not in a million years, would have considered a threesome, and yet here she was, in bed, with her best friend, and her new lover, and she felt no guilt. No shame. Just love, and a little sore.

Elise shook her two lovers until they started to stir, and as their eyes started to open, she looked down into their eyes and said, “Anyone for a rematch?”


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