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2021-04-03 09:44:42 (UTC)

Post Covid shot update 😉

Crap!! Woke up too late to make my morning gym class. Sigh....But then again, it's Saturday and my body does need more recovery time from gym gym gym. Still miss going but I guess this is one way for my body to tell me to slow-the-effe-down!! hehe.

As far as my post Covid shot update? My arm don't feel like it has a bruise anymore. No ill effects. I got lucky and the Phizer shot had no ill effects really except for the feeling of a bruise for a day or so. I have more pain from sore muscles working out at the gym to really notice it. I'll see how the 2nd shot goes when I get it.

Nothing exciting to do today. Just cleaning, hair cut, and truck wash. I should do a couple thousand jump ropes since I missed gym but that's about it.

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