If I die today
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2021-04-03 05:22:26 (UTC)


So according to get my payment I am exspecting something on the 7th. I have already emailed one lawyer to ask if that was the 1500 one for divorce since I kept thier contact info. So lets say I die today I think that I would want it to be honored as if I was legally free even thou well obviouly but come on I am trying my best people. Anyhow but todays not the day to die. I had a single white claw yesterday and melation at bedtime. so I had like a freakin anxiety attack or sutistic thing I spazzed out about the bank yesterday we went thru the drive thru to pay me rent and this f'in idiot wanted me to fill out a form? I've never had to fill out a form just to get a dam check for my rent then she didnt ask about the memo so all I got was this dam check mafe to the apartments with no refrence that it was for my apartmetn she didnt even ask? OMG THe insdie of the banke was closed so poor nDea I asked him to drive me back and we went back and then she wanted to just write it in with pen?? AS if ok I want my stuff done and done right and writing in pen doesnt help my receipt and I dont doubt that given a chance someone would screw me so I told her put it back in my account we went to the next banck branch literaly 5min away I walked in gave th guy my id told him what I needed and less and a minute I was out of there I tried to tell him what a slob and how awful my service just was but he didnt entertian that just kept sayin oh we got in straghted out. so anyhow thats how my brain works I was freeakin out inside about that memo and stressed over figureing out what the hell she wanted me to fill out and sign. techingally I'm disabled. I've always had help at the bank when I go in. so nDea and i are going on a roatrip to Portland to arrive between 12 and 1 to see about this tandem bike. :) He is planning on purchasing for us. The guy said he will hold it Its a craigslist ad. Anyhow so thats whats up today so well I gotta get movin reall quick my breakfast is ready