Living Without Lighting
2021-04-03 08:03:22 (UTC)

Another F**k-me Friday

I had typed this into my "secret diary", however through some name adjustments I've decided to post it here.

What else is new? As usual, work was an unmanaged shithole. What began as a casual call regarding my schedule became a plea for help from Gene, and 2 ½ hours early I walked into work ready to help. Of course, "helping" consisted of being at the register while my managers did fuck-all, never failing to respond to customer requests with radio silence and apathy. No one wants to pull their weight around the store (I’m not necessarily an exception), and as a result things as simple as an item search turn into a ten-minute ordeal. In addition, my managers Mike and Ronaldo treat their breaks like a man of God treats church service, and they’ll refuse to put them on hold for ANYTHING. There’s nothing more awkward than trying to explain to a customer that they’ll have to wait for my manager because he’s on his break.

In addition, I had quite the showdown (more of a back-talk) to one of the rudest customers I’ve ever encountered in our store. She had that classic “are you stupid?” attitude and when she decided to talk shit to Ron I finally flipped my lid. She snarled at him, “do you even speak English?” and I told her not to say that and she was being racist. After that confrontation my blood got boiling and I was locked in a “fight-or-flight” response for the next two minutes. In addition, I had been on the phone with a customer when I had said that, so I uncomfortably told her that I’d call her back. Wanted to make sure that the Karen wasn’t going pull anymore crap like that. Thankfully, I made my point clear as she kept her mouth shut for the rest of the transaction.

On the finer side of things, my assistance helped scrape some extra hours onto my meager schedule, which is good. In addition, DJI got back to me surprisingly quick, as merely two days after shipping my busted drone I got a brand-new one in the mail! I’ll have to give it a test flight tomorrow. Maybe if I scrounge around enough underneath that tree I can find my lost ND filter. I'll have to see.

Until next time...