London Life
2021-04-03 08:11:51 (UTC)

Live talks and outdoor drinks

Wednesday 31st March
On Wednesday, I pulled out of a run to Tower Hamlets for leafletting, as I wanted to rest my stiff back. We went to Portobello Juice for a lunchtime lasagne, which we ate in Camden Gardens. Later we watched on television most of the under-21s final group game of the Euro Finals. They needed to win 2-0 and hope Portugal beat Switzerland. They took the lead before we’d even turned on, and got another in the 74th minute, but although Portugal won, Croatia pulled one back against England very late in the game, so qualified on goal difference.

Jack started to watch a Somers Town history Q&A, but we stopped looking at that when a live talk came on about Highbury & Islington station, which was a lovely gothic building until being damaged in the war. It was pulled down in 1967, about the same time as they were thinking of demolishing St Pancras station. The current ugly building was supposed to be temporary, as the planned London ringway motorway, which thankfully was never built (other than the Westway), was to run past it. The talk was very well done, full of drawings, photos and interesting history, with an additional contribution from a London Underground archivist.

Thursday 1st April
We didn’t go out for lunch together, because Jack’s friend’s mum died, so they went out for the entire break. I just popped out to get the New Journal, and at home I made jacket potato with tofu and peas. Later, I’d arranged a drink with the girls, at Granary Square to celebrate the new rule-of-six regulations. Beth arrived before me and we chatted for a bit until CJ arrived, and those two mainly talked to each other until Sally and Jacqui arrived. I then felt it was OK to start drinking, as Beth (who is off alcohol) spread food on a table and Jacqui went to buy some gin. Beth had made me a crown to celebrate my CA500 (I wondered if they might do this), and I had to wear the 200 cape, with a sparkly ‘5’ over the ‘2’, which Beth had kindly made.

We were getting cold, so went down and huddled under the arches, where we used to drink last summer. Vicky arrived and managed to find us. Seems Beth has been going out for runs with Paul, who I didn’t invite to this drink, and asked to be notified in future. Those who couldn’t make it were Katie, Hanri, Peter, Freya and George. I pointlessly knocked back half my third bottle at the end. I’d just gone 108 days without alcohol, whereas in usual times I’m on it twice a week. I needed some sausages when I got in, and was a bit dehydrated.

CA did an April Fool saying that they were now going to accommodate swimming to the tasks.

Friday 2nd April
It was the Easter holiday, so we stayed in bed until cycling to Young Vegans to pick up some pies I ordered. Jack was expecting to meet his friend at 12:00, but he got a message saying his friend would be “heading off about 2”, which gave us time to go to The Fields Beneath. We avoided their over-spicy main meal and got some soup, which I spilt on my top as we were trying to manoeuvre ourselves to Talacre with our food and bikes. It didn’t have much of a taste anyway. We were sitting in Talacre about 12:10 when Jack heard from his friend that he was waiting for him – he’d meant he was “heading off about 2” after their chat. So I went home and finished the Top 100 but met Jack again later.

I suggested we cycle along the canal to Paddington and then to St James’s Park, but instead we stopped at St Mark’s church where we sat in the garden by the canal – it was a sunny day. We cycled to Regent’s Park where we intended to look at all the different birds but instead became engrossed in the mating ritual of two particular pigeons.

We got a Wok at Baker Street, then cycled through Marylebone and along Wimpole Street to Russell Square, where I wanted to show Jack how well the daffodils we planted at CA had got on. We just caught the café before it shut. In the evening I updated my records of the month for both February and March online and we went for a run. I wanted to test my back strain, and whether I could run wearing my back support. Although this did seem to work, it was hard to pick up speed because my breathing was constrained, and I started to get a stitch towards the end.