This Is It - 2021
2021-04-02 00:00:00 (UTC)

Cold and Catalogued


So much driving to do when you're the only sibling who can drive. I got down to 2 miles to E before I finally reached the gas station I trust which I KNOW I'm not supposed to do, but Every Time I use a gas station that isn't that exact one or the one by campus my card gets frauded. I don't trust them anymore. Only those two. And I didn't think about how bad traffic would be on the return trip (Should've, with how close to 5 it was. Just slipped my mind)

I started getting some of my "library cards" - notes of the title, author, date of registry (will be date finished eventually but all of these new ones I've already read), and personal comments on the book - filled out and ready to be put in my books. I have an attempt at a DIY book pocket made out of an envelope because I couldn't find actual book pockets, but I think I might just check for real ones again tomorrow. They just look so much nicer.

It's very cold outside right now. My phone says the real feel temperature outside is around 40ºF. It was chilly this morning, and then the temperature dropped steadily throughout the day - which was odd, because it was a very sunny day and you'd expect the sun to warm things up but it Did Not. I think tomorrow's supposed to be cold too? Oh well. Pocket hunting and then some warm library-doing (and Spanish exam I am Not Thinking About at the moment).

Oh! And my cat returned to my room on his own last night and has been chilling in there for a while. He didn't leave when he hopped out of bed, just returned to his other resting spot in the room, and he's been there for a lot of today too. It's a good sign, I hope. A return to some of his usual behavior before he caught whatever bug he did. He has also started back up his "screaming whenever people ignore me for too long" thing too. Oh how I missed his melodramatic neediness.

And now he is summoning me to hug him so he can sleep once again. So it seems I am needed elsewhere

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