This Is It - 2021
2021-04-01 00:00:00 (UTC)

The April Fool


Did some basic chores today and got most of the supplies I need for right now to start my own personal library system. Not a surprising turn of events (or interest), I'd say, since I've been looking into things like bookkeeping basically since I could read. So when I saw people who had methods of doing stuff like that with their own book collections, I was Inspired. Will the inspiration last? I hope it does. It seems like a really interesting task, and seems like it might be something to keep my mind on reading more than I currently do! (And my books - and there's quite a few - need a bit of a better organization system)

As for April Fools stuff today, one of my friends rick rolled me in our college friend group chat. Twice. And someone I follow on Instagram did a trick with a fake post link on their story. And that was about it (Oh, and a couple of the people I follow Tumblr switched back to the Mishapocalypse icon to reminisce on History) Don't get a lot of intense pranking or fools-ing in my social circles

I hope no one jumps in to prank me in my dreams to prove me wrong or something

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