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2021-04-02 06:58:09 (UTC)

A little owie 🥴

So I got my Covid shot yesterday. It went very smoothly. They converted a parking lot into a drive thru system. It was very very organized. From checking your appts, paperwork, 1st or 2nd shot, post shot waiting area, etc, etc, then off we went. All without leaving your vehicle. I did get to chat with the RN that was giving me the shot and the other nurse that was doing the follow up waiting period making sure we didn't have any ill effects. So for getting a shot, it was a pleasant experience.

Got my other errands taken care of. Glad my seamstress still had her shop open. It's an old asian lady that is in a pretty shady part of town in a strip mall that has most businesses closed. Dropped off my Covid pants for her to hem. BTW, even though it's an inch bigger waist than my regular pants, it was still on the tighter side but dressing rooms are closed so it's hit or miss when you buy clothes.

Went to the truck shop to pick up my spare rim and tire. Got to talking to the guy there. Since I already spent buku bucks there, he knows me now. I told him about the quote I got from another shop to do a reagear of my truck (This is to improve acceleration and because 5th and 6th gear rarely kicks in on a Tacoma). One shop quoted me $3K out the door. So...he matched it. I wasn't going to do it yet but since he gave me this price, I committed. They have one person that specializes in regearing and he is booked till the end of May so I got penciled in for the last week of May. BTW,, that tire and rim was so heavy. Not like a normal tire and rim. It wasn't easy getting it on the bed of my truck. Good thing I go to the gym. I actually had to use proper lifting techniques to pick it up and of course to not get my shirt and pants dirty. This also may mean I won't be going with Heidi and the gang to Maui in a month. I'll see how my funds are.

Gym class was ok. The shot I had didn't bug me too much. It just felt like a bruise without the actual bruise and we were doing bench presses so my arms were active. I'm sure that didn't help the cause but meh... pretty minor overall. After class, we all discussed what shots we got. So there were three of us. I got Phizer, someone else got Johnson and Johnson, and the other dude got the third one. Forgot the name of that one. Didn't even realize till then that there are three types. So I said "Ok, we'll see who dies first then?"😱. Before everyone parted ways, my Indian lady friend gave me some food. Forgot what it's called but it was delicious. She said it doesn't have meat because it's a no-meat thing for her religion this week. No biggie, I just added some trr-tip to it and voila!!! Americanized meal!! 😊

Finally, late last night my Superstar friend sent me a Facebook friend request. I dunno about that...She is such a goody-goody person. Like I said, she is on the extreme end of my good person scale. My ex wife? Yeah she is at the bottom of that scale. Superstar? She's at the top. I hesitated accepting her friendship on facebook because you know...I can be a little on the dark side at times and she is so awesome. But I accepted....I should text her "Welcome to the dark side".

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