no name
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2021-04-01 20:25:23 (UTC)

Quiet down

I turned off the literal night light that is my glowing computer mouse and turned off the actual computer so its even darker and I feel worse and I think I’m gonna be sick. I don’t know what that feeling is. Maybe loneliness, maybe sadness, maybe some kind of anxiousness, or possibly fear but I don’t like it.
The one time I came to my mom for some minor crappy feelings, she said it was normal. So if I assume everything I feel is normal, then everyone’s lives are pretty sucky. Or maybe I’m just ungrateful (if that’s the case, then I apologize). I’m probably unknowingly the worst and that’s pretty funny. I’ve always felt that this was a joke. My mind and thoughts, my life, my feelings are just so hilariously dumb and I can’t take them seriously or completely cast them aside. How tedious.