Being Sam
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2021-04-01 20:53:20 (UTC)

Wait, that's normal then?

Just a quick one while I'm watching The Bold Type. Since when is it normal for a group of girl friends to see each other naked, like that's no big deal? Like am I sheltered or something? Because never was it normal for me and my mates to see each other naked. Half dressed while getting ready for a night out? Sure. In their underwear when they're staying at your house? Yep. But walk in on them in the bath for a chat? Yeah thats not normal man... is it?
Is this a new generation thing? Or an everyone thing and me and my friends never got that memo?
Sara has been my best friend since I was 4 and I've literally seen her nipple once because she got it pierced and I was thinking of doing it so it was purely to help me decide. I've never seen her naked. 26 years and never.
Kate was my most "free spirited" friend and the most I saw of her was her boobs once or twice but again, never fully naked.

Some things aren't meant to be just out and about right? Is this just me being prude here? Because these girls on this TV show are sharing baths and helping each other remove fuxking sex toys from their vagina and I'm genuinely curious as to whether this is exaggerated for TV or if I'm the odd one out here?!

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