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2021-04-01 09:32:03 (UTC)

Stuff to do today 😐

I took a day off today. Good thing since I have to drive around on errands.
My custom spare tire is ready. I had to wait a bit before I could buy it. Another $500 and I didn't see a need for it just yet so I waited a couple of months when I got my custom rims and tires before buying it. Well, it's arrived so I need to pick it up. Still not sure why I bought it. I mean, it's a spare so no one will see how nice it looks stored away under the bed of the truck. Might be a stupid purchase I did but the deed is done so no turning back from it now.

Then it's off to the seamstress or whatever they're called to get my new covid pants hemmed. I should have enough time to do both before I go and get my first DNA changing, Covid shot! 😱 lol. Maybe just maybe I'll get off my butt and change that microwave light bulb... or maybe not.

I woke up with more back muscles hurting. We haven't done a lot of these back workouts because we weren't using all the gym equipment but now that we are indoors again, we get to use them all. So now, muscles that weren't being worked on is and I'm getting morning reminders of what was being worked on. Man oh man. If a woman was willing to get me morning coffee and a short back rub, I'd marry her on the spot!! 😊Jk. She'd have to take care of my other common morning issue too. Then I'd marry her. hehe.

Anyway, I got stuff to do. Morning zen moment will have to be cut short today. It's a good day so far. It'll be nice and sunny out. Should be a nice drama free day. Listening to Karen Souza more and more to keep me in my mellow mood. Bye for now diary.