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2021-04-01 00:12:30 (UTC)

The breakup, but not mine😒

My day? Thought it'd be nice and peaceful but maybe a little drama. First was gym class. Mornings...nuff said. And of course, the classes are no longer set for muscle or cardio days anymore. Used to be cardio on Tues and Thurs. Not now. Today was a cardio day and in the morning? Efffe me😓!!!!!!!! We have different workout stations and we get broken up into little groups of 5 or so just like the pre-covid days. I like that. I get to know my inner group that way. But today of all days, I see curly haired fake-newbie get assigned the same station I was at. They try to group the people to their skill level so newbies don't get intimidated. Pretty smart move. But for me to see her this morning and I have all kinds of body aches, I just whispered to myself "oh no". She kicks butt. One of the best gym member we got. Again, I'm counting the men too and not just women. She's that good. And so I had to make sure I kept the pace the same as she. Don't know what happened but I found out she is human too. I saw her slow down on some of the stuff and I was ever so thankful because I was not feeling it. Well, I was feeling it but I was feeling the pain from yesterday's workout. Still, class was fun and it finally ended.

Got paid today so.. went shopping for Covid pants. This again means I gained an inch or so so I had to get some pants hopefully until I get this belly down a bit. I bought about 4 pairs of pants I think. Hopefully I get this crap down before summer because we have a lot of kayaking, camping, trips with the gang and that extra inch makes a big ass (haha) difference. Then I went to Eco Thrift to get more workout clothes. I had to get rid of some of my current ones because the sweat stains on some of the shirts was already a permanent design. Yup I know, first world problems huh? lol

After my errands were done, I got home and poured myself a gin and grapefruit drink. I'm liking it. The taste of gin is harsh but with pink grapefruit juice? It becomes the nectar of the gods!! 😂 Maybe more like the strong gin taste is gone and I can't tell it's alcoholic anymore.

Anyway, I'm already in my semi-commando outfit when Heidi calls. She was bored and wondered what I was up to and she was in the area. So she came over and we had long carnal sex. Crazy as screaming sex!!! Nah, just kidding. We don't do that. She did however want to talk about the upcoming trip the group is having. One for camping and the other a trip to Maui to camp and to hotel. 3 days of camp and 3 days of hotel stay.

We me at the Russian restaurant where my superstar friend took me to once. I like Russian food. Cute waitress too even with the mask. You can just tell and she was so nice so I made sure I tipped her well after we left. Anyway, Heidi wants me to go to Maui with the gang. I told her it depends on who's going. You know, stay away from negative people. She also told me that this lady I "friend requested" didn't want to because she has a boyfriend and she was worried that I may like her. Well, I was interested in dating her and at the time, I asked her friend about her 411 and told me she was single. Well, I again took too long because she now has a boyfriend. Man.. I can't keep up with current events.

Then Heidi was telling me that she is not liking her boyfriend and she is going to break up with him this Easter. I told her that if he's going to Maui next month and he breaks up with you this Easter, won't that be awkward? But Heidi told me she got two tickets from our other Flight attendant friend so he already got tickets. I'm there shaking my head then telling her I would not want to go to Maui with my ex less than a month after breaking up with her. I wouldn't want to be anywhere near her. So she tells me that should she break up with him after after then? I told her why not tell him now before all this happens? Or talk about what's wrong and maybe fix your issue instead? I dunno. She is trapped because he does help with the bills at about $1,000 a month. I said I understood and whatever she decides is up to her. She even tells me that they don't even do it anymore. She said at his age, that's sort of normal for men. I of course say I disagree. She tells me I'm one of the few weird ones that always wants it. I disagreed again and told her men always want it. hehe. She told me it doesn't even matter if they do it because she never gets satisfied anyway so no sense having it. Yipes!!! I know it'll eventually happen to me to.Can't outrun time but I hope it doesn't come to me too soon. Anyway, we just laughed about it. She tells me the chats we have they can't have because there's nothing to talk about. I give her credit though. She did last a lot longer with this guy than with any other guy I knew she was with.

So that is that I guess. She will break up with him soon or sometime within a month or two. Dunno. I'll stay clear of the fallout and not add any more fuel to the fire. I think I said too much already by suggesting they talk and/or not let him go to Maui with her if she is broken up by then. But she's my friend and I'll still be her friend whether she makes the right decision or come up with something stupid. Either way, she is my wing-woman so that's what we are. Going on 12 or 13 yrs now.

The Russian dinner was great by the way. Forgot to take a pic of my food but got our appetizers and the presentation was awesome. Tasted just as good as it looked and the price was cheap compared to a fansy-smancy restaurant.