taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2021-04-01 02:42:55 (UTC)

the real april fools are the ones we make along the way

according to the government, I'm risky enough to qualify for phase 2 of the ontario vaccination program starting tomorrow. maybe... you see, as is customary with the ford government, there is lack of clarity and confusion abound. eligibility - neurological condition in which covid may exacerbate lung dysfunction. something like that. i have one of those, i think. we'll see i guess? i've heard rumblings and seen tweets about multi-day attempts at booking vax apps in this city recently. *rolls up sleeve in meaning business type fashion while gesturing at my lack of recent medical arm stabbings*. i'd be fine waiting, if there weren't so many goddamn april and other months fools up in thjz.


keep your guard up for the next 24, folks.