my life is a mess that i can't escape
2021-03-31 18:55:15 (UTC)

as fast as a hare

Today I woke up late, and missed my first math class. Because I saw a dream again. It was complicated. I saw a serial killer at dentist. She was an old woman, and I was trying to help her. Then, I saw Korean girls. They were talking English with my stupid classmates, and I was too shy to talk with them. I also saw my cousin who will marry in this summer. I lived all of these stuff in a night, and I was in a different city.

Anyway, I joined 2nd one, but probably my teacher didn't write my name to roll call. At least, I learnt something and felt mentally calm. We're learning geometry in math class. I like the shapes, because I can see the details easily (sometimes they are difficult to me). I got 78/100 from math exam. It was more difficult than I thought, and I was too careless. I couldn't check my paper, lol.
I told this, because teacher showed my paper in front of the class on Zoom. He said that I had a great mark. Then, I was proud of myself. I'm interested in social sciences, but I want to be good at maths. My teacher always says that we can do our best etc. I know it isn't easy, but I'm still feeling motivated.

After my lessons, I read some book and played guitar. I tried to play one of my favourite songs, but I'm a classical guitarist (!). I think, I don't like chords and campfire stuff so much. Then, I had lunch and studied. I completed 50% of my plan, but today is fast like a hare. In the evening, I gave up my studies and did my workout routine. I'm at the 3rd day of my program, but I think my legs are stronger. My legs look like the same, but I can do all of the exercises easily. As a different result, I had nausea after the workout. I was hungry, I think that's why because I felt better after eating something

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