Do Not Disturb

2021-03-31 19:01:36 (UTC)

Eye Doctor Appointment

I went to my eye doctor appointment this morning when my mother came and got me and I am farsighted for sure. I picked out two glasses that I really liked and one of them was purple. Their were two more but we could only get two pair for $69 dollars. But their were some blue ones that I wanna get the next time I go their snd some more purple ones but they were like $111 dollars. But the ones that I got I really like them so I'm gonna get them in like 7-10 business days which is very long for me. Matter of fact to long for me but I can't wait to get them when they do come.

I set me up and appointment for my headaches because I get them quite often especially when I'm stressed or at work especially with a Neurologist.

But I'm so excited I got my two pair of glasses that took forever to get them but now we get them. So, now.... We wait.

- A

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