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2021-03-31 17:41:33 (UTC)

I need therapy, what a surprise.

I was having an animated chat with J, who,s also tapering, off morphine (so forunate that I don,t enjoy that anymore)

I,m drunk and hungry so ima keep this short. basically I triggered myself remembering the time I went to The Gambia. And so I had a tiny little spiral. A little cry. And remembered, yet again, that there is so much shit inside my head that I never unpacked in all my years of therapy.

And that maybe I need to request a 3rd referral.

But that's the point. Get sober, stop pushing all the thoughts away, then go therapy to sort your head out. That's what was meant to happen in 2018, when I last detoxed, specifically so I could attend therapy. Then I got taken off the list because I forgot to respond to a letter, because of my ADHD.

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