Being Sam
2021-03-31 15:31:20 (UTC)

Changes and holidays and cba.

As of Monday we can meet upto 5 people or 1 other household outside. And guess what the weather was like?! Clear sky's and sunny at 20 degrees C! Honestly I think the whole of the UK were basically giddy by 2pm on Monday and atleast half had a BBQ for tea (my neighbours were one of them and it smelled SO GOOD)
Dean has to self isolate because some woman at his depot has COVID and you'd think the man won the lottery he was that happy. He drank a bottle of wine with lunch and spent the whole day in the garden, nipping inside every now and then to brag because he now has Easter weekend off work and the weather is good.
This is where we're at man, we're excited for "free" time off and sunshine. It's so weird.

I booked a holiday today. Pretty sure France and Canada will get cancelled again this year and we had my money back from the Cruise that didn't happen so booked to go Skiing next year again. Beth will be old enough to have proper lessons this time so I'm hoping they both leave confident enough that we can go to France or Italy next time and see another resort. Either way it's gonna be fun! And because its not until next year, we'll hopefully all be vaccinated by then too.

I have to drive to IKEA now to pick up my new office desk (because I was too tight to pay forty quid for delivery) and I cba. I've been for a walk with the kids and am KNACKERED and it's gonna be so heavy and so fricking hard to get into the car I just can't be bothered. My mum might be able to come and visit the house for the first time tomorrow though and it will be the first time I've seen her since October so I need to get it sorted because she will 100% give me shit for having a camping table as a computer desk and I cba listening to that either!

Anyway, it's almost Easter and I can't wait for the long weekend