Experienced Life
2021-03-31 07:23:47 (UTC)

Seemed like a good idea at the time πŸ₯΄

Sometimes late at night, I do things that I shouldn't be doing. Like... buying stuff on Amazon or QVC while drinking wine. Drunk buying...not recommended. Sometimes friends texts me so drunk texting too at times. Good thing it's with friends so we just text silly stupid stuff. Nothing incriminating or no confessing true love for each other or anything stupid like that. Well, sometimes Jenny does but she's my friend and I just let her say crap because she never remembers what she says the next day. She just needs a friend to let her vent is all she needs. No boob or penis pics. hehe. 😈. The worse thing though and I mean like today is realizing I signed up for gym class this morning. You know how people can get up at the butt crack of dawn and start their day? Well, that isn't me. I sometimes stagger from bed, down the hallway into the kitchen to get my coffee. Doesn't help when I have muscle aches from the workout the day before. My biggest hope in the morning sometimes when I wake up? Just hoping I still have some coffee left in the french press from the day before so I don't have make a fresh pot.

Not much zen time for me this morning. Have to shower soon and hope in the next hr, my body recoups some to be able to handle gym class, Right now, my delts, hamstrings, abs, extensors, all hurt. Ugh.. I just checked and it's a full class too. So I'l be out there for all to see wincing, whining and probably looking like how they feel. 😭 I do have a few songs I play to get my blood flowing and get me in the mood. Thunderstruck, I got a feeling, Bohemian rhapsody, Welcome to the jungle, Bicycle race, Old time rock and roll, etc, etc. All oldies. Don't like rap. Ok, time to get ready. Later diary

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