If I die today
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2021-03-31 06:01:22 (UTC)

Am i wanted by the sheriff?

Not too much has changed since yesterday. Running was much more successful than Id thought but my nose ran the whole time and something weird happened. So I went to the park I walked there to run and I started my back and fourth thing between the boat ramps to warm up but then a sheriff in a pickup pulled up and parked then he got out of his car kinda seemed like a young redhead kid and he smiled at me all teeth waved. so I did my thing wheil he seemed to be checking on people at the dock so after I get done back and fourth I go forward down the trail sam old same thing everytime when I got to a more isolated part guess what truck started driving down the paralell dirt road.. and then he happened to turn around the same time as me as opposed to following the whole road down and turn around and we kept pace fr about 2minuted before this truck finally got ahead of me. sooo weird and I do think he wanted me I dont think I was suspious or anything I think this guy thinks im cute. Althou he was weird IDK if he's creepy but on the plus side nooone messsed with me haha no weird creeps popped up on that run. so I guess I can use this to my adavatage while it last unitl he proves to be a threat to me this could be an assest but man I'm in love I cant even bring myself to consider flirting for the protection I actualy wish nDea had been with me bc I dont think the sheriff would have needed to drive down the same road at my lame running and cooling down speed like that in the same area at the same time. I dont beleive it. Ok so I had 1 hit of weed yesterday and it choked the shit outta me what a way to goo. IDK I've been praying for God to remove this temption or save me and shit man I was so close to whipping out my inhaler but tried not to embarss myself so went for cough drops instead but dam I thought it was bad. so maybe I can get away from this habbit before it fully developes.. no news for me on the stimulus. Had a good evening with my man took 1 melation since I amped myself up of coffee yesterday figured I needed the balance I slept ok.. on the couch.. again with that laziness I didnt pullout my bed fully after he left I choose to put my bed up for him cause well the couch is better for his back and he was sore he didnt ask or anything but I knew he hurt the day before and I felt bad. he left about 730ish I jumped in the shower I was tuckered out by 8. I already stretched ate all that good stuff tryin to get my ducks in a row for a run today no run toomorw bc high winds. still have spartic cramps. my diet is lacking I'm completey out of fresh fruits n veggies so supplementing with non perishables I have funds to supply the immeidate need but have not asked to go to the store and I know walmart will bring me the bottom of the barral if I order delvery for the fresh items. well this is life as I know it same same

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