Living Without Lighting
2021-03-31 07:58:07 (UTC)

My Least Favorite Website / Castaway

Really don't know where I'm going with My Diary at this point, but I feel it's a worthy piece to write about how Nextdoor is my least favorite social media site of all time. A hivemind of Karens, busybodies and senior citizens with nothing better to do, I don't know of any other site on the internet that so strongly encourages individuals to oust members of their own community in exchange of likes and status. Allow me to explain.

Let's say you decide to have a party one night, and soon enough your friends and family come over. You're loud for a few hours, yet afterwards things settle down and the festivities are done. In the morning, you check Nextdoor only to see a post like this.

"Did anyone else hear the party last night? I drove by at 10pm, and there were dozens of people without masks. Can't tell if they were vaccinated or not, is this allowed?"

Next thing you know, some of the comments are as follows:

- "True Darwin Award candidates"
- "Shame on them!"
- "They're putting everyone's lives at risk!"

Yes, this was a legit post.

What'd be your response? Being put on the spotlight as the town's next tomato-target because of a social function that took place on the privacy of your own property? Such nosiness would be acclaimed by history's most totalitarian leaders, and the seething commenters would be rewarded favorably. This in itself is the rotted core of the website, people not minding their damn business and taking locals to a virtual guillotine because they're too afraid to say anything to the perpetrators themselves. Even the most degenerate My Diary entry has something of value compared to some Karen or Ken's patrol report. That's not all. Got pulled over by a cop? Watch a picture of your car with its plate number be uploaded to the site, thanks to some dick who thought it'd be entertaining media for his friends. The same internet exposure that has ruined people's lives is now brought to your front doorstep thanks to Nextdoor, and your neighbor's the guy who's gonna upload it.

Of course, not ALL is bad with the website. It's one of the best outlets for local trade, and it's useful for exposing true criminals and warning the community about them. Countless robberies that were recorded have been uploaded to Nextdoor, and this keeps the community safer and informed. Even still, do something remotely interesting and you'll become the talk of the town in no time.

In less heated musings, I watched Cast Away and it's a great film. It's cool seeing how Tom Hank's character transforms throughout the movie, and in a way it's existentialist and makes you think about what it truly means to be alive. It's an inspiring tale of perseverance in the face of dramatic odds, and his attachment to Wilson reminds me of the bond I've created with journaling. Tom's character uses the ball as a way to reflect, and by conversating with it he's able to find solutions and keep his sanity. Either way, I'm tired and I think I'll end tonight's journal here.

Until next time...