This Is It - 2021
2021-03-30 00:00:00 (UTC)



Almost at the end of the month here - I was going to say it wasn't a particularly ~productive~ one, but I was actually doing pretty okay with like, schoolwork and YouTube stuff in the first half. It's more been these past couple weeks have been a slump. Oh well, we're super close to a new month and yes, I know. Time is an illusion months are not true etc. etc. BUT they are good opportunities to sit down and try and recenter myself. Especially because I've got stuff to look forward to, and goals that I am So Close to that I really want to achieve

Today my thoughts did quite a bit of bouncing around (Though to be fair, when do they not? Used to describe myself as having a thousand concurrent trains of thought going in my head back in elementary because that's honestly the closest way of describing that mess. Anyway) - I did my homework for the day and my DuoLingo. I scrolled through TikToks with my sister. I kept going back to one by a woman who has a personal library including a date stamp, book ratings, and a symbol for her personal library and thinking that I might want to do that. Of course, a new potential hobby for me to seek out. I hope it's not either expensive enough it deters me or not expensive and I don't end up with a box of crafts I intended to get around to eventually... Again...

And I'm thinking about writing a short character study. Not sure if I'll actually do it, but I've got the idea for it, had some lines floating around in my head. It's more than I've done in a bit, honestly - Not including writing these entries. Maybe I should type it up just for fun. I could use the practice

The itsy bitsy writer, fell down the writer's block...