2021-03-31 05:49:00 (UTC)

The New Guy #2

Dear Diary - Mr. No-Name

I wobbled over to the next door neighbor and as nature intended, rung the door bell.
New Guy opened the door, just in a towel, oddly, i did suspect that he was THAT guy. Recently showered, well-build, single. Consoling my self that he might, or definitely have some sort of STD going on.

"Hi!, just wanted to introduce myself, Hannah..." Shook his hand, sturdy. So he works with his hands... Builder? "...Your new neighbor."

"Ah!, Hi, nice to meet you. Apologies, just got back from the gym, took a shower." ... You .... you who? What is your name? "Wanna come in?"

I fought the urge to say YES! but declined. Don't know enough of him yet to just walk in the unknown.

"Nah, i'm good, thanks for the gesture, but just wanted to come by, introduce myself. Get-to-know-session."

"Alright. No problem, you have a nice day."

"You too!" I kind of gestured, the awkward hand signal, for him to spit out his name... but to no prevail.
He just shut the door.


As i walked back to my house, my next door neighbor approached me. James Clarence.

"Hi there neighbor!, he giving you any trouble?" We met each other half way, as he fetched me, came to my 'rescue' of some sort, we walked back to my house.

"Hey, no, just wanted to introduce myself, is all."

"Just checking." He smiled, though that bothered me. I got a hint that something was... off.

Maybe James was jealous that Mr. No-Name brought someone home every night, maybe he wasn't getting any?
Protective, maybe. Of? He does have a wife. Weird.

We walked to the side walk of my house. Still so surreal. MY HOUSE.

"Let me know if you need help." He said with a crooked smile.

"Sure, thanks." I said while he walked as i called him back.

"James!, sorry, do you have a minute?"

He answered as he turned back to me, "Yes."

"Do you know the new neighbor?"

"Nothing, he tends to keep to himself but my wife is not happy since he brings a lot of 'traffic' onto the street."

Ah, yes, the night walkers, ladies of the night.

"What about you?" I asked.

"What do you mean?"

"Does it bother you?" Does it, he a man himself, every other guy would be jealous.

"No, just a sore eye for our neighborhood."

Liar. Oh, he has been out of action for a looooong time.

"Alright, thanks though."

"Let me know if he is bothering you."

"Will do."

We go our separate ways.

I still don't have a name.