Do Not Disturb

2021-03-30 21:43:13 (UTC)

Suspicious Or Not

Its like every time I'm in the car C always gets off his phone and then when I was in the car his phone was ringing. He claims it was his mother calling him but he ignored it. I mean I would answer the phone if, it was my mother calling me. Maybe I'm being illusional. He then ignored the call. They called about three times. Isn't that suspicious or what ?

I don't wanna think he's cheating on me after he said all these things to me saying he wanna be with me and he promises this and promises that. I don't wanna get my heartbroken again.

He has been taking me out and holding my hands and kissing me . He could then again just be using me again but he says he's not using me and that he doesn't wanna lose me or something shit like that.

I really don't wanna feel like he's cheating on me and we've been together for two weeks already. My guts says to talk to him but the other gut saying don't talk to him or text him about it because it'll cause drama and conflict also some hurt in between it. Idk. I really don't wanna get emotional over this. I'll just drink it away my problems instead like I've always did. I know its bad. Last time, I went to work and with a hangover when i threw uo that next morning. It felt like i had to throw up all day but I made it through the day. I almost had to go home but I pushed through it. This time I'm being careful with my drinking.

Work is always hell with this one manager I can't stand to be with at work. I be wanting to curse her out. They said I was short yesterday but keep putting me on the draw and they said they were gonna fire me but never did. Or, if I was short again blah, blah ,blah. I think their doing that shit on purpose. I can't be short like that snd giving them money like that. My stimulus check is taking forever to get here and it was mailed out on the 26. So, doesn't it take 2-5 business days to get here. Hopefully, it'll be here tomorrow so I can get my glasses and if, not I'll have to reschedule if, possible. Or, I could ask my boyfriend but I don't wasn't it to seem like I'm their for the money and I'm not but maybe he'll actually do it out of the kindness of his heart.

- A