my life is a mess that i can't escape
2021-03-30 20:41:14 (UTC)

loveliest things gathered

Today was less productive than yesterday, but it was definitely more enjoyable. By the way, I’m writing this diary on mt phone and it is my first time. So, I’m not sure for the result.

I was able to complete all of my study plan for today. Then, I did my leg workout. I think my legs started being healthier, but I haven’t seen any effects so far.

In the evening, I had my online geography exam. It was great, but I couldn’t solve one of the questions. I cheated it on the net, and did it wrong. If I didn’t change my answer, I was going to do it right. Anyway, my score was 97/100, the best geography grade I’ve ever had.

Exam finished too late, but I was hungry. So, I ate something and read some book. At this time, he wrote to me. Actually, I was going to write to him on Friday but he is faster than me :’)
I gave up reading, and we talked a lot. It was a nice conversation.

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