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2021-03-30 09:36:15 (UTC)

Women marrying later? 🤷🏽‍♂️

So more of that guy I'm listening to. He says in the past, women used to meet someone in college and meet someone nice there. Then they'd get married soon after. Forgot how long ago, I assume this was back in the dino-days? hehe. Anyway, since then the cost of higher education went up like eighteen times more so that people have to get jobs right away to start paying that debt in lieu of getting married. Sad to hear. I myself have been told by people going to college that they are in debt on average about 80K. Yipes!!!!! That's pretty brutal for someone in their early 20s to have to deal with. Sure got a lot more expensive than when I was going to school. Also, women don't date down so the dude has to at least have a college degree too.

I feel so lucky. Any new technology we have to learn at work, we get paid to learn it which is just fine by me 😊. Listen to our CIO talk about how the data center is doing or what their future goals are? Sure, I'll listen to the guy talk. I'd even egg him on with "Speech, speech, speech, speech's on Microsoft teams so that'd screw up that video call. Getting paid to listen which is of course once again....fine by me. The multitude of one hr mtgs that if organized, should only need to be 20 min max? We got lot's of those too. Again, I'm good with it. 😊

Been working on my purging my things at home. No longer watching hoarders so I need to take some action to get rid of some of the things I don't really need. Yesterday I took a walk around the house and I still have lots of yard tools from my previous home. Stared at my multiple shovels, rakes, picks etc, etc and decided I'm not going to be doing any gardening or any projects in my backyard anytime soon (especially since landlord raised my rent) so I chopped the handles in a lot of my tools in 1/2 and tossed them into the trash bin. Can't dump them all yet because it'd get too heavy and may get flagged as non-trash so I'll dump a little at a time. I also brought home so many technical books from work. Each one has an average of 500 pages. Oh how wonderful and exciting it is to read these....Not!!! Most of these hard copy books we can pretty much get soft copies now so I'm going to start dumping them or giving them away. May not be wanted because I'm sure the books are a few years old now so no one wants old techie-books.

Not in a lot of pain today. Some sore muscles in my upper body but legs feel ok and today should be heavy into cardio. I'll be ready. Should be a fun day today. I like cardio days. Pushing to my limits till my legs start to burn or shake? Yeah....hurts like hell but at the end, it's so gratifying to finish. It also helps me keep calm when dealing with the a-holes in the world :)