Experienced Life
2021-03-30 03:15:32 (UTC)

Silly Jealous people 🤷🏽‍♂️

Another good day. Coffee, work, gym, etc, etc. You know, a typical day. Somehow I managed to save $1,000 for not going out much this month. Don't tell me I'm turning into a homebody dude. There goes my social life. Probably will tie in to my sex life too. 😱 Small drama at the gym. I'm finally back to where I was pre-surgery so I was able to step up on some of the stuff I do. Coach was complementing me on the weights I used for the dumbbell snatch. I was feeling somewhat healthy and just been uppity these past few days so I went a little heavier.

Of coarse, there are the haters. One dude may have been a coach at one point in his life and he is pretty much one of the best gym member we have. But because he heard the coach complimenting me and trying to inspire me, he got jealous. No way I can compete with him of course but he was shouting out crap mocking me. I took the high road and just yelled out I wanted to be like him but he kept giving me crap and yelled out stuff throughout the gym making fake good comments but obviously mocking me. Pfffft!!! It's not all about him and to be honest, the women are flocking to him even though he is actually one of the best crossfit member we have. Anytime a new female gym member joins and somehow chats with me, he's jealous. Don't know why. Not going to do anything in the gym. Not my thing. And he is married anyway so why does he feel he wants to be the alpha? For me? I just want to have fun, detox at times, work on my two pack, and get my happy chemicals flowing in me. He can feel free to commit adultery if he wants. I'm not stopping him and I'm not taking anyone from him if that's how he feels. But hey....first world problems I guess.

I tried a new drink tonight. Gyn, pink grapefruit juice, and a touch of grenadine. Holy moly!! Never had it before and it kicked my butt 😱!!!! Two drinks and I am done for. Screw the early birds. Gonna be hurting tomorrow morning for sure. Hey, just need to detox enough so I can make the gym tomorrow after work🤪. Work should be light again so I knew I could party a little harder tonight.

Otherwise, all is good I guess. No stimulus checks and I doubt I'll get one. No Covid shot but again, I'm not pounding on the doors demanding one. I'll get it when I get it. Still not 100% convinced this is ok. To me, I think of those people that helped take those nuclear bomb testing and sat in a room absorbing the blast for testing purposes. You just neve know. Besides, my hospital still only has a limited supply and I still don't fit in the category of being able to get the shots now. I'll wait. I got my own shots that feels more effective at the moment anyway.

So that was my day. Not much drama as far as what I'm used to. Still didn't change my microwave bulb but I did do laundry, purged a little more stuff I don't really need, and of course the dishes. Still watching youtube vids of Better Bachelor. Still not 100% convinced on his way of the world but not adamantly disagreeing with him. Just trying to learn something from another point of view.

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