Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2021-03-29 21:00:15 (UTC)

Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid

Why am I so stupid?

Remember dough? He came back... again. I kinda attacked him pretty harsh. Because 50 million emotions come up when thinking about him. But at the end of the day I still love him, but why? I started freaking out and I grabbed my knife and started cutting again.. then he was yelling at me for this reaction. I told him i have a girlfriend and he was all happy for me, he was happy to know I am safe. But my stupid cum-for-brains head went off to flirt with him. He kept on trying to get me to stop since i have a girlfriend but that made my mind think about breaking up to be with him... so I’m debating on staying with how I have or returning to the old pattern of my life.. yes the answer is obvious, stay with the girl you stupid!!! Anyone sane can see that... but I’m not sane. I want that boy who I know isn’t afraid to inflict pain on me, and is also happy to do so. What do you think? Am I stupid or am I stupid?

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