La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
2021-03-30 00:03:25 (UTC)

On another note

One of my dearest friends came to see me today by surprise, it was so wonderful to get to see her, visit with her and feel happy that she always makes sure and comes to see me, love seeing her big smile and positive attitude, besides our doughters met for the first time and played non stop all the time my friend and I got to visit. It's so wonderful to have true friends like that the ones who give without expecting anything in return, I met her 15 years ago and we are still friends to this day, we live a few hours apart from eachother, but sometimes it feels like I see here more often than my other friends it's crazy.
Any how on anothe note I have to get my speach ready for this workshop I have to figure out a way to inspire others to take care of themselves or at least try to make an impact. I's exciting to be able to prepare for such a task, it's defenetly not easy but it will sure be worth it at the end am sure of it. wish me luck.