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2021-03-29 15:50:41 (UTC)

Do you have retirement benefits worked out? 😱

So I'm looking at my retirement benefits. If I work for at least 20 years, I get full medical benefits which I already knew. Which is good because when you're old, all kinds of stuff breaks down I assume so it'll be nice to not have to worry about being able to get good medical coverage. Another thing I saw was that if I got married, I have several options to choose from. I can get more money if I receive my retirement all for me and no soup for anyone else. hehe. However, there is a choice of receiving a little less during retirement but if I were to croak, my spouse will end up getting my retirement until she passes away! Mind blown! That's pretty cool for a family making sure that the wife or husband will get the benefits even after passing away. Pffft, I for sure won't even mention that to anyone except my co-workers or on this site. Didn't even know such an option existed. Ex wife and maybe a few others didn't realize what they lost when we split up. But all worked out for me so it was all for the best :)

Anyway, I'm teleworking on my late lunch break but it's been pretty mellow today. Caught up on most of my projects. Just waiting on some customers to respond to some of my questions. It's as nice a Monday as can be. I'd be taking a shower right now getting ready for gym class but I have the washing machine and dishwasher going on right now so I need to wait for those to be done before I hit the shower.

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