my life is a mess that i can't escape
2021-03-29 21:02:00 (UTC)

first day of my new life

I write essays about psychology and personal development, but I always tend to wait for the most suitable time to start doing something I want. Today was Monday, and Iı was able to start "first day of my new life". I created a great plan for me.
By the way, I saw a nightmare last night. I couldn't look for its meaning, becaue I barely remember it.

I woke up early today. I wore one of my best clothes, made a ponytail. I took care of my plants. Their soil was wet. I didn't water them. I started reading a new book. I read one chapter, and had my breakfast. After the breakfast, I joined my online classes.
I started to draw again. It made me better. I love colors again.

In the afternoon, I had my lunch and I started doing a new exercise video for better legs in 2 weeks. I hope it works. I wasn't as tired as I imagined at the end of my workout. By the way, I was waiting for a message from my teacher to take my book. So, I didn't join the lessons afternoon. I went to take my book from the literature club with my mother. I went there with my mother, because I was feeling insecure and I have curfew afternoon because of my age.
By the way, I couldn't find the entrance door of the club as I guessed yesterday lol. I asked about it someone. Then, I entered the old building. Actually, it was my first visit to there and I don't like there so much. Unfortunately, we had to sit and talk with my teacher (actually he isn't a teacher, I mean the leader of the group) Hhe served some tea to us. It was too hot, and I wished to have a bigger mouth to drink it and run away quickly. Place wasn't that bad, but I'm not sure about my thoughts.

I was going to study in the evening, but I preffered talking with my friends instead of this. I haven't been talking with my friends for almost 2 weeks. I played chess with one of them. I used to go a chess course when I was a child, but I can be the worst player in lichess. Of course, I lost the game in 5 minutes.
After talking with my friends, I had dinner. It was early. So, I decided to study geography for my exam which is tomorrow. Then, I did some of my philosophy term paper. I think 20% of it is completed.

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