If I die today
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2021-03-29 05:50:45 (UTC)

less than healthy hypocrite ive become

Well I'm breaking out zits on top of the fact I have those cherry amioglia's or however you spell that the red moles I also have been getting pelvic cramps they kicked in after sex yesterday but I've been having them on and off a few days. My boobs produce somehting probly not milk but some white or maybe cloudy junk when you squeeze them. My coffee intake is still as always hass been above a halthy level. I guess I'm a smoker now as far as green bc I'm smoke a lot. Went to Dennys yesterday for lunch IDK if I got allergens or not but I felt odd after I had the fish, pototes, fruit, and veggies. I also put hotsuace on the fish. Of course there was a coffee with it. My diet has been overall rough not the best or safest choices so I need to rectifuy that I'm planing on making chicken wings today at least theres that for dinner should be easy on me. been gassy on and off have neasua more with the heartburn reflux type junk nothing like special or unusaul for me. Theres ben a wndstorm so all kindsa allergens floating around should make a person feel wonderful. no news or progress on my stimulus but still planning for a divorce. Humans are annoying and stupid so nDea told me that when his daughter took her mother for the jab they went ahead and gave her one too. WAIT a cock licking minute isnt the media telling us were sooo short on supply and need appointments and all this bs but yet theyre takin any arm that comes withiin 6ft and stabin us? OMG were stupid. How do they have supply for the drivers or passene=gers but all the people desperatly whining for it cant get in? Oh and I watched a call for an uprising this morning on youtube free bc free is how I do it I'm in the poor house bad while tryin to free myself from this marriage anyhow looks like KFC is making 3d printed chicken nuggets and the public has accepted it and willing as long as it taste good despite theres no nutrional value. Im frustrated. Just think life and people are stupid. I had some good wuite time this morning with the LORD I just laid still and quiet for a bit before I started the day. Nothing really striking thou nothing to share other than it was peaceful. I"m in love with nDea and I'm not sure what to do I don think his woman is ever gonna move shes annoying and on our date yesterday she texteed to start with.. whats up butter cup? .. then a text she's scared bc the wind storm thinks the trailer is gonna fly away. then wanted to know what they're dinner plans were. OMG he's getting more like me with thinking and his responces or lack or reploes but its bullshit . I have no good advice other than force her to talk to her caseworker I know he will be a villian if he just left her and IDK if he can afford it and also well tehres stuff IDK. But she's not doing him any favors and I still think shes narssistic and abusive. I dont consider her competion but a nusience and man its tempting to be angry and hateful even thou we havnt met. She seems redicoulous. Her daughter is her caregiver she has freinds I think may not be local thou. She refuses to take Dailaride but is elgible and all of this has nothing to do with me if I croak. I'm not exspecting her at my funeral but I guess if nDea goes she'll be there.. so whatever. As far as everything well physically i'm not at my peak and have some concerns. I guess things are as is and the nBenjami's still have medical authourtity over me and well I dont want my hubby gettin my stuff or hoarders whatever IDK I think the dumpster is a great option but whatever if I'm gone who cares. Guess thats all I got if I go.

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