2021-03-29 08:21:06 (UTC)

The New Guy #1

Dear Diary

I bought a house in town.
Nothing spectacular. 4 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom, your average house.
For the last few weeks, I have been moving my stuff into my new house - unreal feeling.

As i was getting settled, my new neighbors came by the say hi, reminding me that if i want to borrow something, i'm more than welcome to stop by.

Neighbors left of me: The
Husband and wife for four years with two identical toddlers, Lisa and Anne.
Husband, James, working in Realty. Wife, Julie, nurse at the local hospital.

Neighbors on my right: Newly weds - Scott..s
Husband and wife for a few months, no kids, yet.
Husband, Will, working as a programmer. Wife, admin clerk at a bookkeeping company.

A new guy also moved in a cross the road. Yet, we have not met.
What i could gather was, no kids, no wife, no husband. Yet to be named and yet to meet.
Though, he keeps to himself, he must do pretty good for himself as he can afford the new Merc S-class.
I keep reminding me that he took the 'balloon payment" -option.

Here i am, driving my Suzuki S-presso, cheapest car on the market. Still proud, bought it cash. My first car.
- - - - - - -

As a few days have past, i got the courage to walk my butt over, just to say hi, that and I was curious as to what he is doing with his life. Other than ordering a few ladies, 'working the night shift', over during the week, complaining neighbors, I was curious what a guy does to get a major salary in a middle-class town.