This Is It - 2021
2021-03-28 00:00:00 (UTC)

Year Around the Clock


Bit less of a lazy day, but not necessarily a Productive™ one. Sister and I took the dogs for a walk but it was a tad bit too hot for them. Also, my chihuahua saw a couple kids hanging out and was terrified of them and ran the rest of the way home. Because he's scared of Everything.

Sunday's Homework Day, as it has been this whole semester. Had a fine time doing some easy work - an opinion piece, some relationship anaylsis, three textbook chapters, whatever... Pretty easy day, as far as Sundays have gone

Also, it turns out today marked exactly one year since I started TikTok! Complete coincidence that I thought to check that today. And yep. My first vid went up March 28, 2020. Back when I was JUST realizing the COVID restrictions were going to last a bit longer than two weeks. What a weird thing to think about now

My brain is going a thousand miles a minute right now theorizing about things related to both media I like and media I want to create, but I'm still exhausted - At least my brain doesn't seem like it'll reject sleep tonight (probably because it is Late)

I've connected the dream dots