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2021-03-28 13:51:50 (UTC)

Feel like a corn dog 🤪

Man oh man. I didn't want the day to end yesterday so I stayed up till near 4AM. Before going to bed, I tried on my new gym clothes. I couldn't try them on at the Under Armor store because there are still some Covid restrictions. No problem because I know my size. Well....... it didn't fit. I failed to read the fine print. I wear large shirts. I can wear medium but I like them on the loose side because we have all kinds of moves at the gym and I don't like my shirt to bind in any way. It was large alright but large compression shirts!! That's how I felt like a human corn dog. It squished me tight enough to wonder if my eyes were bulging outta me. Surprisingly it didn't but I didn't fit in it. These shirts are for six pack dudes and not dad-bod dudes. if you could hide the bottom half on my shirt it'd be ok. Shoulders actually fit pretty good. Chest? Ok, not bad. But below that? Hahahaha. Only on a "before" pic would it work out. Yeah, gonna return it. I hate having to return stuff and I could keep it as a goal to fit me but I have a feeling that gym isn't going to recover that quickly where we go full on gym mode for awhile so no way will I be able to get there this year.

It's going to be another trip to the mall. Not like I got big plans today anyway. I forgot how it was going to the mall so I enjoyed going. I get to take out my Acura TL again. It's 14 yrs old but I forgot how sporty it is. Fast and low to the ground. Old faithful :). I have enough food for awhile so no need to shop at Covid free Costco just yet. I guess if there is free time to fix my microwave, today is that day.

I'm still watching more youtube vids of that guy Better Bachelor. Interesting stuff. I never even thought of some of the things he's saying. Our society has changed just a tad. It seems the quality men and quality women are having some big time different perceptions of what we are looking for. Not quiet sure who has their head up their butt but no matter. This issue is there so there may be a lot more Single Moms popping up with no end in site. At least per what the guy is saying. Don't shoot the messenger. Just taking a neutral position on this and listening. Not drinking the kool-aid folks.

In other social news, I did ask someone out. She actually asked me out once but I was working that day. She thought we all were off. She's a teacher and I work for the State. But I couldn't. Well, she ended up going back with her ex bf. Doh!! Somewhat of a shocker but it's cool. They have history together. Didn't know she'd go back there again. He dumped her because he couldn't stand her Son. I assume it's better now so her Son must've grown a bit since. That means I'm odd man out. 🤷🏽‍♂️ Didn't realize I needed to hit some things while the iron was hot. I just don't want to rush into things again. I may have done that last year or was it a year before? Yeah, not gonna rush into a relationship too quickly. Watching the Better Bachelor guy makes me think I may just need to be a tad bit more cautious about it too.

Anyway, can't waste the day. Coffee has been drank and I'm ready to get my butt in gear and make the most of the day. Later diary :)